What to Eat at The Wilds

Food and Drink Guide

Wed 25 May

Time to start planning. The menus for our food vendors at The Wilds are stepped out below. There's luxe sundaes, a pie floater, smoky filipino barbeque, gooey lasagne, a killer steak sanga, and more. Eating at home is not an option.

Life needs sustenance, a little fertiliser to keep cells multiplying and limbs limber. The Wilds has the nutrients you need to keep your beans sprouting—cult snacks, charcoal spits, plant-based morsels and layer upon layer of good times pasta. Read on for what's on offer at The Wilds in 2022.

1800 Lasagne

Barrelling in from Thornbury is 1800 Lasagne's Joey Kellock—the big-hearted host with the most, responsible for the best slab of lasagne in town. And over in Food Alley, you can grab a wine or Negroni from the 1800 Lasagne X RISING bar.

Lasagne Di Carne $25
Beef and pork, tomato, bechamel.

Lasagne Di Melanzane $25
Eggplant, tomato, bechamel. (V)

Garlic Bread $8
Baguette, garlic. (V)

Smith & Daughters

Melbourne’s rock and roll vege boss, Shannon Martinez, brings her celebrated, plant-based, Fitzroy diner Smith & Daughters to the Bowl.

Choose a Pie Floater $20
Classic Meat Pie or Potato, Leek and Cheese Pie. Topped with smokey pea and ham soup and drizzled with sweet and sour tomato ketchup. (Vegan)

Choose a Beer (18+ Only)
Atomic Pale Ale $11
Heaps Normal Another Lager $9

Hoy Pinoy

Smoke and spice waft from Hoy Pinoy’s charcoal-fired skewers—Filipino barbeque handed down through generations, to Culinary Curator and Chef power couple Regina and James Meehan.

Lumpiang Gulay $11
Vegetarian spring rolls with spicy banana ketchup and spiced vinegar. (V)

Chicken Adobo Loaded Fries $15
Chicken cooked in soy, vinegar and pepper served on battered chips.

Lechon Kawali $22
Crispy fried free range pork belly glazed with coconut chili caramel on garlic rice.

Inihaw na Manok $15
Two chicken skewers in traditional soy glaze. (GF)

Inihaw na Baboy $16
Two free range Pork belly skewers in banana ketchup glaze.

Pak Pak Inasal $18
Slow smoked chicken wings in garlic, ginger and anatto on garlic rice. (GF)

Piccolina Gelateria

To cool you down when things heat up, Piccolina Gelateria’s scoop saviour Sandra Foti is serving her own luxe sundae plus three dessert collaborations with Smith & Daughters, 1800 Lasagne and The Lighthouse.

The Ferrerolina by Piccolina $12.50
Hazelnut gelato, hazelnut croccante, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, topped with a wafer stick and a cherry on top.

The Pistacchio Cannolo by 1800 Lasagne $12.50
Pistacchio gelato, crushed cannolo, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, pistacchio croccante, topped with a mini cannolo and a cherry on top.

The Apple Pie by Shannon Martinez $12.50
Vegan Salted Caramel gelato, apple compote, vegan whipped cream, caramel sauce, pie crumble and a cherry on top.

The Chartreuse by David Moyle $12.50
Crema Ricca gelato, green "Chartreuse" syrup, whipped cream, crushed macadamia, topped with a wafer stick and a cherry on top.

Desserts may contain traces of tree nuts or peanuts. Ask for no wafer stick to make it gluten free.

The San Telmo Group

Empanada Carne $6.50
Argentinian pastry filled with beef, olive and egg.

Empanada Queso $6.50
Argentinian pastry filled with cheese and corn. (V)

Empanada Coliflor $6.50
Argentinian pastry filled with cauliflower, pine nuts and currants. (Vegan)

Choripan $15
Chorizo roll with chimichurri and salsa criolla. (DF)

Lomito $18
Steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato and chimichurri. (DF)

Cordero $17
Slow cooked lamb roll, pickled onion, coriander, chimichurri. (DF)

Alfajor $5.5
Shortbread cookie filled with dulce de leche. (V)

Asado Plate $29
Grilled meat with pickles and chimichiurri (GF)

Up High Bar

Take it easy at the Up High Bar—a psychedelic lodge overlooking The Wilds. Ascend the entry ramp to find a light tunnel, island bar and heated deck overlooking a transformed Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Mortadella and pickles $12 (GF) (DF)

Rock oysters and crunchy vegetables plate with fresh cheese $34 (6 oysters) (GF) (DF)

Fried flinders curried mussels with iceberg and aioli $18 (DF)

Steamed pork sausage with fermented chilli $14 (GF) (DF)

Brown rice cake with nori and mushrooms $16 (Vegan) (GF) (DF)

Celeriac and walnut salad $14 (add truffle $12) (V) (GF) (DF)

French dip sandwich with Proviner beef, Comte cheese and pepper sauce $24

Potato fries $10 (with pepper sauce $4) (GF)

Piccolina Gelateria Chartreuse ice cream $8 (V) (GF)

Bread and butter $5 (V)

How to Order

There’s no lining up to place your food order here. Simply grab one of our communal tables and order via the Mr Yum QR codes—it’ll be ready in no time.

All food vendors will be using Green My Plate’s reusable plates and bowls, which will be collected, washed and recirculated. Leftovers will be composted.

For drinks, head straight to the nearest bar (there are many). All mixed drinks and wine will be served in reusable Better Cups.

(V) = vegetarian
(Vegan) = vegan
(GF) = gluten free
(DF) = dairy free


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